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The nectar pond never dries. Put clean, over 500 years old, Bopparam Temple (Chiang Mai) is one of the holy ponds used in the royal coronation of the

Thip Pond has never been dry, cleaned, over 500 years old. Buparam Temple, Chiang Mai is one of the sacred wells. To be used in the coronation King Mahawachira Lakorn Bintornthep Thep Yuangrang For Chiang Mai, use 3 water sources in conjunction with water sources from all over the country.

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Temple of Buddha, teakwood, Tha Phae Road, Chiang Mai

There is the Montien Dharma Tower, 1st floor. There are sculptures, stories of Chiang Mai, whether it is a tradition, a festival that tells the story of the whole 12 months. Teak Buddha image, 1-inch lap width, aged about 400 years. King Naresuan the Great Raised an army from Ayutthaya to defeat the enemy who had invaded Chiang Mai in 2147 until the enemy had retreated to the city of Haeng and the town of Tuan. King Naresuan therefore took a break and built this Buddha image.

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Offering of Phra Jaotanjai

The Bopparam Temple brings 100% real gold off the entire Lord Buddha. "Phra Pucha", instant god, lap 5.5, base width 7.7, height 12 inch Dedicated to His Majesty the King, Rama 9 by Chalong Homthiantham His Majesty King Rama IX has given the crown prince 10 to replace him. The abbot gave the Lord Buddha an instant 8.86 inches to give a royal charity to the King Rama 9, etc.

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Phra Maha Duangrat Thitaratano
The abbot of Wat Bupparam


The pagoda
The period when this pagoda was built is still unknown. The pagoda is about 12 cubits wide and about

Dhamma castle
In the beginning of building Wat Buppharam, King Tilok Pannaddatiraja or Phra Mueng Kaew built the

The main hall
Inside the main hall is enshrined with the Buddha image, Copper-shaped castles with a weight of 1 cc

Buddha Image
Phra Buddhabupphapimongkon PP. In 1976, Phrakrumongkonsilawong, Mr. Chalor Dhammasiri : Chiang Mai's

The small hall
The small hall was built about 300 years ago, and was restored many times. The last restoration was