Wat Bupparam

History of Chiang mai , History of Wat Bupparam

Amulets created in 1976

Brief history of creating Buppharam temple’s amulets in 1976

The Buddhist education school committee and Sunday Buddhist school students of Buppharam temple request for the permission to build the over shape coins to fund and found the foundation of supporting Buddhist Education, restore the old buildings, build the Dharma castle, build Vipassana Meditation center and support in Abhidhamma (Buddhist Philosophy) studying. 

In creating the over shape coins, the committee does it delicately in co-operation a well-known artist of Thailand at the time, Mr. Yim. After the coins were finished created, Grand Father Phathepwisuttikun empowered the amulets by himself throughout the Phansa (three months period of Buddhist lent) and until the day of performing the ceremony of empowering in January 1976. After that when the King Phumipol came to cast a Buddha image, they perform the ceremony again. In this ceremony, Phra Ariyawongsakatayana, the chief of Thailand Monk council was the lead and he light the holy candle during the time that the holy and high rank monks invited from nationwide chanting holy passages of Buddhist mantras. This special occasion is held only one time and there will not ever be such the ceremony again in the future. This holy and special ceremony was held in Buppharam temple which is the one of the 9 temple that is in Chiang Mai chronicle and regarded as the holy place and very important, the temple that enshrined the Buddha relic, a sandal wood Buddha images and the Great Buddha image that created by King Tilok Panaddatiraja in his period.

List of the name of amulets created in Wat Buppharam, 1976 In the occasion of honor visiting of King Phumipon and performing the Buddha image casting ceremony  included the coin with Kubakamsaen’s image of Suan Dok temple, Mueng, Chiang Mai.

ID Amulets Amounts
1 Mixing Chiangsaen and Langka Singha I Buddha image, 9.9 inches wide 519
2 Mixing Chiangsaen and Langka Singha I Buddha image, 5.9 inches wide 519
3 Gold metal Buddha image (Built in amount of bookers)
4 Silver metal Buddha image 199
5 Nine mixed metals Buddha image 2519
6 Phra Lod (Danger protect) made of baked clay                              500
7 Phra Somdej with Yantra in the back side mixed with substance from Wat Raklung 500
8 Phra Somdej (Small printed) mixed with Wat Raklung substance 500
9 Phra Somdej (Small printed) metals mixed                       500
10 Phra Bupphapimonkon coin with singha in back side                      5,000
11 mixed metal Rama 9 king coin with gold lacquered in rectangle shape 2,519
12 Mortar body King Rama 9 rectangle shape unknown amount
13 Buppharam brooch B.P.R gold lacquered 2,519
14 Buppharam brooch P.P.R gold lacquered 2,519


15 coins of Kruba Kamsaen Intajakko version the King visit and cast Buddha image at Wat Buppharam

ID Amulet Name Amount
5.1 Gold body coin (Built in amount of bookers)
5.2 Silver body coin 199
5.3 Bronze body lacquered with brown 5,000
5.4 Bhodi leaf coin lacquered with gold 500
5.5 Bhodi leaf clip metal lacquered with gold 500
5.6 Lucky bag coin bronze lacquered with brown  5,000
5.7 Mortar body, for charming, rectangle shape, red 500
5.8 Mortar body, for charming, rectangle shape, white 500
5.9 Mortar body, for charming, circle shape, white 500
5.10 Mortar body, for charming, circle shape, brown 2519

List of the name of High Rank and Holy monks who performed the ceremony of empowering
Phra Bupphapimongkon PPR. And other amulets at Wat Buppharam, January 1976

ID Names Temple/District/Province
1 His Holiness Somdet Phra Nyanasamvara,
the Supreme Patriarch
Wat Ratchabopit Sathit mahasimaram/Bangkok
2 His Holiness Somdet Phra Yanna Saṇvara  Wat Bowonniwet Vihara/Bangkok
3 His Holiness Somdet Phra Threerayan Wat Chakrawatrachawat Woramahawihan, Bangkok
4 Venerable Phra Wisuttiwongsachan Wat Suthat Thepphawararam/BBK
5 Venerable Phra Wisutthatibodi Wat Traimit, Samphanthawong, Bangkok
6 Venerable Phra Dhammawarokom Wat Pathum Wanaram
7 Venerable Phra Buddhawongmuni Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram,Bangkok
8 Venerable Phra Dhammamoli Wat Phra That Hariphunchai,Lamphun
9 Venerable Phra Thepvisuttisopon Wat Chiang Rai, Mueng, Lampang
10 Venerable Phra Thepwisuti Wat Chedi Luang, Mueng, Chiang Mai
11 Venerable Kruba Kamsaen Inthacakko Wat Suan Dok, Muang, Chiang Mai
12 Venerable Kruba Kamsaen Kunalankalo Wat Pa Don Moon, Sankhampaeng, Chiang Mai
13 Venerable Kruba Inthacak Wat Naam Bo Luang, Sanpatong, Chiang Mai
14 Venerable Krubabrohmacaksangworn Wat Phra Putthabat Tak Pa, Pasang, Lamphun
15 Father Chim Buddhacaro Wat Tam Pa bong, Chiang Dao, Chiang Mai
16 Phra Ajan Nu Wat Mae Pang, Maetaeng, Chiang Mai
17 Venerable Kruba Intha Wat Chiang Man, Mueng, Chiang Mai
18 Venerable Kruba Chankaew Wat Dok Eung, Mueng, Chiang Mai
19 Phrakru Singha Wichai Wat Fa ham, Mueng, Chiang Mai
20 Venerable Kruba Boonmee (Phrakru Dhammathon) Wat Ta Satoy, Mueng, Chiang Mai
21 Kruba Kam Pan (Phrakru MongkonKunathon) Wat Mo Kam Tuang, Muang, Chiang Mai
22 Kruba Pan Wat Kukham, Mueng, Chiang Mai
23 Kruba Kaew Wat Wiwekkaram, Sansai, Chiang Mai
24 Kruba Dhammachai Wat Thung Luang, Maetaeng, Chiang Mai
25 Kruba Jina Wat Takam, Hot, Chiang Mai
26 Kruba Kam Tan Wat Don Juen, Mueng, Chiang Mai
27 Phra Ajarn Thongbau Wat Rongthum, Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai
28 Kruba Duangdee Supatto Thungchampee, Sanpathong, Chiang Mai
29 Phra Prasat Sutakom Wat Jammathevi, Meung, Lamphun
30 PhrarajSumonmuni Wat Ratchabophit, Bangkok
31 Kruba Jum Potito Wat Wangmuy, Mueng, Lamphun
32 Phrayanaweerakom Don chedi, Mueng, Maehongson
33 Kruba Mueng Wat Tahan, Maeta, Lampang
34 Kruba Kamsan Wat Ta nae, Maeta, Lampang
35 Phra Indarawichayajan Wat Katuek, Mueng, Lampang
36 Kruba Into Wa BoonYuen, Payao, Chiang Rai
37 Luang Pu Toe Wat Pradu Chimplee, Clongsan, Thonburi
38 Kruba La Wat Doi Doo Kang, Terng, Chiang Rai
39 Phra Ratanamuni Wat Phrabat Ming Mueng, Mueng, Phrae
40 PhraChayanantamuni Payapu, Mueng, Nan
41 Phra Yanna Mongkon Wat Mahawan, Mueng, Lamphun
42 Luang Po Pae Wat Pikunthong, Mueng, Singhburi
43 Luang Po No Wat Klang, Tarue, Ayutaya
44 Luang po Sam Niang Wat Weruwan, Banglen, Nakornpatom
45 Luang Po Nueng Chulamanee,Baanpraew,Samutsongkram
46 Luang Po Teen Pa Re Lai, Mueng, Supanburi
47 Phra Ajan Mahaweera (Lingdam) Tasung, Mueng, Singhburi
48 Phra Ajanfun Ajaro Paudomsomporn, Pananikom, Sakonnakorn
49 Phra Ajan Samran Kao Ta Klao, Hua Hin, Phrachuab


Phra Maha Duangrat Thitaratano
The abbot of Wat Bupparam


The pagoda
The period when this pagoda was built is still unknown. The pagoda is about 12 cubits wide and about

Dhamma castle
In the beginning of building Wat Buppharam, King Tilok Pannaddatiraja or Phra Mueng Kaew built the

The main hall
Inside the main hall is enshrined with the Buddha image, Copper-shaped castles with a weight of 1 cc

Buddha Image
Phra Buddhabupphapimongkon PP. In 1976, Phrakrumongkonsilawong, Mr. Chalor Dhammasiri : Chiang Mai's

The small hall
The small hall was built about 300 years ago, and was restored many times. The last restoration was