Wat Bupparam

History of Chiang mai , History of Wat Bupparam

The nectar pond never dries. Put clean, over 500 years old, Bopparam Temple (Chiang Mai) is one of the holy ponds used in the royal coronation of the

The nectar pond never dries. Put clean, over 500 years old, Bopparam Temple (Chiang Mai) is one of the holy ponds used in the royal coronation of the King.

Thip Pond has never been dry, cleaned, over 500 years old. Buparam Temple, Chiang Mai is one of the sacred wells. To be used in the coronation King Mahawachira Lakorn Bintornthep Thep Yuangrang For Chiang Mai, use 3 water sources in conjunction with water sources from all over the country.

Date 30 Jan. 2562, Maha Duangrat Thitratno, abbot of Wat Buparam Mueang District, Chiang Mai Province Have prepared the place Nectar pond area Or the sacred well of the temple that is over 500 years old to be used as a royal bath On the occasion of the coronation ceremony King Mahawachira Lakorn Brahmin Thep Yawarangkun, Rama 10, along with holy water From water sources throughout the country Which Chiang Mai has 3 water sources to be used for the coronation ceremony There is water from Khun Nam Ping. Chiang Dao Nam District, from Ang Ka on the top of Doi Inthanon, Chom Thong District and Thip Pond Of the Buparam Temple With clear water throughout the year And the water never dries Mouth depth To the bottom of the pond, about 7 meters, 20 centimeters

For this nectar pond, the past year 1987, the royal palace staff Take the pond water Went to give water His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Boromnat Bophit, lived 5 rounds and 2nd time on 14 October 2011, ML Panadda Diskul, Governor of Chiang Mai Province at that time, along with government agencies And public faith Have performed this holy water ceremony To bring to the ceremony Summon the Buddha image with holy water. From all over the country, presented to His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej Boromart Bophit, Rama IX, to be the royal wedding In a ceremonial ceremony On the occasion of the ceremony The auspicious occasion of the 7th anniversary of December 5, 2011, with an invitation procession Put water in the master Great Went to the chanting ceremony Is a sacred Buddhist mantra with water from Doi Ang Ka water source and Khun Nam Ping water At Wat Phra Singh Woramahawihan In downtown Chiang Mai

This time is the third time. It is a delight to the temples, monks and Chiang Mai people. Highly In this auspicious ceremony that brought water from the nectar pond Went into the holy holy Buddha water In the royal coronation again For Wat Bumparam Was originally a royal park Of the gods of the world The 9th ruler of Chiang Mai was built in 2040 and the ponds were built before the temple. Believed to be more than 500 years old, but there are myths If a woman enters Will make the water turbid At present, there are no signs Woman attached And having a beautiful 8-square-round brick fence


Phra Maha Duangrat Thitaratano
The abbot of Wat Bupparam


The pagoda
The period when this pagoda was built is still unknown. The pagoda is about 12 cubits wide and about

Dhamma castle
In the beginning of building Wat Buppharam, King Tilok Pannaddatiraja or Phra Mueng Kaew built the

The main hall
Inside the main hall is enshrined with the Buddha image, Copper-shaped castles with a weight of 1 cc

Buddha Image
Phra Buddhabupphapimongkon PP. In 1976, Phrakrumongkonsilawong, Mr. Chalor Dhammasiri : Chiang Mai's

The small hall
The small hall was built about 300 years ago, and was restored many times. The last restoration was