Wat Bupparam

History of Chiang mai , History of Wat Bupparam

Amulets created in 1984

Brief History of building Wat Buppharam’s amulets in 1984,

In the occasion of 50 years anniversary of building the road up to Wat Doi Suthep leaded by Kruba Sriwichai, in 1st -9th November, 1984, the Local Culture Center situated in Wat Buppharam, Muang, Chiang Mai made big merit and dedicated to Venerable Krubasriwichai and all of their passed away ancestors who leaded people to make the road began from 9th November, 1934 to 1984. I took 50 years to be finished. This big work used hands of people all over the northern part of Thailand, so it is in the memory of everybody all the time.  

Wat Buppharam Local Culture Centre formed a team of Research Committee to find a wise person who devotes himself for local public. The team has finally defined that Kruba Sriwichai is the one. Because he had restored a lot of old temples and old Buddhist places to be able to use functionally and he was the one persuaded and leaded people to build the road to Wat Doi Suthep and finished it the short time and did not use fund from government any.

So that, the committee had built the statue of him in the siting position like the first day of beginning building the road with peacock tail in his left hand and a cane in the right hand in the real human size and with the casted metal. Besides, they also made the small size of the statue mixing with the powder of 108 flower’s pollens as well as the oval shape of the coins with his image and text 50 years anniversary Kruba Sri Wichai’s building road to Wat Doi Suthep and made of gold, silver and 9 mixed metals for people to hire and warship to get protected and good luck.

Wat Buppharam Cultural Centre leaded by Phrakrumongkon Sila Wong as the director had sent the document to government to request the permission of PPR, the short of the name of King Phumipon to put in the peacock tail fan of Kruba Sriwichai statues and in other amulets in order to warship him as an ascetic who had good conduct, well practice follow doctrine, well practice of Vipassana Meditation, being a good saint and good developer who persuaded govern officers, soldiers, police officers, merchants, and populations to develop temples and ancient Buddhist places and buildings which are old and corrupted to be usable and developed. Besides, he built schools, hospitals and bridges. The Best work he had done for us is gathering monks and people both from city and hiltribe people to help in create the road to Wat Doi Suthep successfully within 4 months and 12 days without using any fund from government.   

In 1st-2nd November 1984, 9:59 AM, the ceremony of casting the image of Kruba Sriwichai at Wat Buppharam, Tapae Road, Mueng, Chiang Mai leaded by Honerable Sir Phra Puttawongmuni the high chief of Northern Monk Council, the abbot of Wat Benchamabopit, Bangkok. In the 3rd November 1984, 02:00 PM monks chanted the holy chanting at Wat Srisoda, the skirt of Doi Suthep hill, 7:00 PM the 18 monks which is the Kruba Sriwichai’s students meditated and do determination to empower the amulets which contained KrubaSriwichai’s image for all night long in the way of ancient Lanna Thai ceremony all the way. In 7th November,1984 which was the Budhist holy day, at 8 o’clock Lantern lauching contest is held at Kruba Sriwichai Monument yard and there were contests, movies, music show, and local art exhibitions for all 9 days and 9 months. In the 9th November, 1984, people made merit by offered food and things to monks and dedicated good quality to ancestors included Phrakruba Sriwichai. In longing of his virtues of building the road to Wat Doisuthep, in the grand opening, Jawkaew Nawarat the Head of Chiang Mai performed the holy first digging in 10:00 AM, in 1934. It had been 50 years at the moment. In 9:00 AM the students form Chiang Mai University Demonstrative school showed Thai dancing to offer the gratefulness and glorified his honor.

In 09:30 AM the governor of Chiang Mai reportedly talk to Mr. Preeda Pattanataboot, the Ministry of University Affair. 12 people were certificated. In 10:30 AM 31 monks chant to holy passage of holy mantras, 11:00 AM 500 monks were offered food. 12:30 AM they offered Pansukul rope to 10 monks to dedicate good quality to ancestor people and listened to 10 Lanna sermons, monks blessed, Ven. The head of limit 7 monk council public talked, the center’s directory replying public talk, the Chiang Mai’s governor talked thankfully to people in their unity of showing gratefulness to ancestors which is the good thing that we are cultivated by Thai culture and tradition.

The process of creating the amulets

         The ceremony of empowering the amulets in held at Wat Sri So Da temple, around the skirt of Doi Suthep hill, Chiang Mai Province. The amulets were created in the 50 years anniversary of creating the road to Wat Doi Suthep of Kruba Sriwichai.

Big Printed Coins

  1. Gold coins were created in the number of booking
  2. Silver coins were created 500 coins
  3. Coins casted from 9 mixed metals were created 2,500 coins
  4. Metal coins covered with gold were created 5,000 coins
  5. Metal coins covered with silver were created 5,000 coins
  6. Metal mixed with copper were created 17,000 coins
  7. Metal gold covered and lacquered were created 2,500 coins

Small Printed Coins

  1. Silver covered and lacquered metal were created 2,500 coins
  2. 9 mixed metal brown-smoked were created 10, 000 coins
  3. Metal covered with gold were created 2,500 coins
  4. Metal covered with silver were created 2,500 coins
  5. Locket image created 500 lockets

The 9 holy monks who is perfect in moral conduct, good quality of mind, Mediation well practiced attended in the ceremony of powering the amulets are following here.

  1. Kruba La (Devine Eye) Wat Patueng Temple
  2. Kruba Thammachai Wat tungloung Temple
  3. Kruba Boonmee Wat Tasatoy Temple
  4. Kruba Singhchai Wat Fa ham Temple
  5. Kruba Mongkonkunatorn Wat Moh kham Tuang Temple
  6. Kruba Chankaew Wat Dok Eurng Temple
  7. Kruba Sopa Wat Pabong
  8. Kruba Eye Wat Sala
  9. Kruba Inkaew Wat Walukaram
  10. Kruba Income Wat Kaowtaen Luang
  11. Kruba Kamtan Wat Sansai Luang
  12. Kruba Wilaat Wat Tonnoon
  13. Kruba Surin Wat Sritear
  14. Kruba Moon Wat Tonpueng
  15. Kruba Srinuan Watchangkam
  16. Kruba Wong Wat Prabaat Huaytom
  17. Kruba Inta Wat Huaysai
  18. Kruba Srinuan Wat Chalernmueng


The committees

Monk committees

  1. Phraputtiwongmuni  the principal
  2. Phrathammolee       the vice principal
  3. Phraratchaprommachan the vice principal
  4. Phraratsittachan the committee
  5. Phrapotilangsee  the committee
  6. Phrayannamongkon  the committee
  7. Phrasripariyattanuruk the committee
  8. Phramahachetiyarak  the committee
  9. Phrakrusoponteerakun the committee
  10. Phrakrumonkonsilawong the co-operative committee
  11. Phrakruwinaitornchamrat the co-operative committee
  12. Phrakruwisitsorakarn the co-operative committee
  13. Phraatikarnsingkham the co-operative committee
  14. Phrapaladsrima the co-operative committee
  15. Phramahasangworn the secretary committee
  16. Phramahawirot the assistane of the co-operative committee
  17. Phramahawichan the assistane of the co-operative committee
  18. Phramahachuey the assistane of the co-operative committee

Lay People Committees

  1. Mr. Chaiya Poonsiriwong The principal
  2. Lt.Gen.Tiab Kromsiriyasak the vice principal
  3. Maj.Gen.Raumsak Chaikomin The vice principal
  4. Maj.Gen.Prayat Rodpotong The vice principal
  5. Chiang Mai Army Commander The vice principal
  6. Mr. Uthai Nakkapreecha The vice principal
  7. Mr.Aram Iam-aroon the committee
  8. Mr.Saengchai Singhawiboon The committee
  9. Commander, Department of Mix soldier 7 the committee
  10. Maj.Gen.Chaiyana Tareechat the committee
  11. Maj.Gen.Wisit Artkumwong The committee
  12. Maj.Gen.Kamjad Booranasampan The committee
  13. Maj.Gen.Siri Tiwapan The committee
  14. Maj.Gen.Satorn Suwannapa  The committee
  15. Col.Intarat Yodbangtery The committee
  16. Maj.Gen.Nirandorn Chainam The committee
  17. Pol.Col.Kasem Suppapong The committee
  18. Mr.Sanoh Paungpinyo The committee
  19. GP.CAPT.Tanit Niampan The committee
  20. Mr.Srisawat Ahwipan
  21. Mr.Chun Pukchatikun
  22. Mr.Sopit Sukkasem
  23. Mr.Isra thephasadin Na Ayutaya
  24. Mr. Banjobe Limcharun
  25. Mr.Saman Hongsanan
  26. Mr.Tawat Tantaranon
  27. Mr.Pansak Pakdeebodin
  28. Mr.Kasem Tansusat
  29. Mr.Tamrong Suriya
  30. M.R.Inthanon Na Chiang Mai
  31. Mr.Yut Dejdamrong Secretary
  32. Mr.Kawee Puesusat Vice secretary

Mocks of Prachao Tanjai (a respected Buddha Image situated in Buppharam temple) was created in Buppharam temple, Tapae road, Changklan district, Muang, Chiang Mai in 1991 by Phrakumonkonlisawong (Phrathepwisuttikun), the abbot together with monks and followers. They invited holy monks to hold the ceremony of empowering the mock Buddha images which had 9.9 inches and 5.5 wide of lizard (the width of the lap) and other amulets in this time altogether about 999 pieces. It a kind of making merit and dedicated to King Pumipon, the King Rama 9 of Thailand.


Phra Maha Duangrat Thitaratano
The abbot of Wat Bupparam


The pagoda
The period when this pagoda was built is still unknown. The pagoda is about 12 cubits wide and about

Dhamma castle
In the beginning of building Wat Buppharam, King Tilok Pannaddatiraja or Phra Mueng Kaew built the

The main hall
Inside the main hall is enshrined with the Buddha image, Copper-shaped castles with a weight of 1 cc

Buddha Image
Phra Buddhabupphapimongkon PP. In 1976, Phrakrumongkonsilawong, Mr. Chalor Dhammasiri : Chiang Mai's

The small hall
The small hall was built about 300 years ago, and was restored many times. The last restoration was