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Amulets created in 1975

Brief story of creating Wat Buppharam Amulets in 1975


Father Dam Lion

     Here is he story about Lion Father Dam and the amulets in 1975 were created at Wat Buppharam,Muang, Chiang Mai. and also the amazing events that happened because of the miracle power of the amulets. And also, this passage is going to tell you about the history of Wat Buppharam and construction of the buildings in the temple. Due to Wat Buppharam had constructed a school building and other buildings for Monk and Novice that come from many temples to study Buddhist Education in the temple and also we need to extend the area of the temple in order to build those buildings but everything was still struggle because lacking of fund.  So that we created the amulets and held the ceremony of empowering the amulets include Father Dam Lion (Chaopoh Singh Dam) to gather some fund from the donation of people and all of those amulets are the return things for them. In this empowering ceremony, there 3 senior monks who have high quality of mind power as following.

  1. Krubakamsaen Indhacaggo Wat Suan Dok, Chiang Mai
  2. Krubakamsean Kunalangalo Wat Don Moon, Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai
  3. Krubasinghawichai Wat Fa ham,Chiang Mai

The day of performing the empowering ceremony was December 9th, 1975, 07:00PM.-09:30PM. During the time of performing the ceremony was regarded that is the powerful time that can help the amulets to have high power, can be used successfully and efficiency in every way and the power will remain with the amulets for all the time.

They used 3 days and 3 nights in doing this ceremony, from the 9th until the 11th of December 1975. After finished the ceremony here at the ordination hall, they brought to amulets to do the sacrifice ceremony at the lion statues at Kuangsingh district to request the power from the lion god that was regarded that is the King of all kind of animals in the world.

The first time of making the lion father Dam, we do only 2,519 lions. So that, it was aimed no to find profit but only to succeed to ceremony only and they are available for hire only in Wat Buppharam. There are three kinds of the Lions, the one that casted in mixing of nine kinds of metal (Navaloha), the metal casted and covered with gold, the metal casted and covered with silver and the lion that is casted from three mixed metals.

May the power of the King of Lion and Father Dam Lion of Buppharam temple protect people who keep those amulets and always worship them. Every penny of the money that we get will be used in the creative way and developing of Buddhist Institute.  And may whoever who takes the money to use in the personal usage encounter with bad luck and disasters follow the spelling word of father Dam lion that is spoken by a haunted person.

May all of you be full over with power, ignored from all kind of weapons, beloved of people and earn whatever you wish.

Phra Maha Duangrat Thitaratano
The abbot of Wat Bupparam


The pagoda
The period when this pagoda was built is still unknown. The pagoda is about 12 cubits wide and about

Dhamma castle
In the beginning of building Wat Buppharam, King Tilok Pannaddatiraja or Phra Mueng Kaew built the

The main hall
Inside the main hall is enshrined with the Buddha image, Copper-shaped castles with a weight of 1 cc

Buddha Image
Phra Buddhabupphapimongkon PP. In 1976, Phrakrumongkonsilawong, Mr. Chalor Dhammasiri : Chiang Mai's

The small hall
The small hall was built about 300 years ago, and was restored many times. The last restoration was